So, You Want to Become an Interior Designer…

What makes an interior designer successful? Command of space programming and system analyses, understanding home systems and constructions, knowing all about finishes, equipment, drawings, and specifications, literacy in construction drawings and specifications, understanding technical drawing conversions and the ability to clearly communicate design ideas. Here you can hone your skills, learn new things, and keep up with the latest trends in holistic interior design–Welcome home!

Trending Interior Design Topics:

The Top Styles of Interior Design

Understanding the different styles of interior design can help you create a cohesive design with impactful results.

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Universal Design

The Future of Interior Design?

Universal interior designs strive to make the world not only accessible to those who are differently abled, but also to improve the indoor experience for all people.

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The Art and Science of Color in Interior Design

Choosing successful color palettes for your interior design requires a background in color theory and the science of how color is perceived by the human eye because this technical knowledge empowers masterful interior designers to create meaningful and striking color combinations or even apply strategic color combinations to create near-illusions, such as making a space appear larger!

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The Elements and Principles of Design

You won’t get far in interior design without understanding the building blocks of design and composition! Grasping the elements and principles is key to mastering interior design and space planning. Learn the basics and discover your unique interior design style here:

Interior Design as Your Professional Career

Is interior design the right career path for you? Are you setting out to start your own interior design business? Here’s what you need to know about entering the industry and working as a professional designer and space planner:

Architectural and Interior Systems

Knowing how the built environment is constructed is integral to succeeding as a professional interior designer. Learn how buildings are made from the foundation up, and where you come into play as an interior designer:

The Materials of Interior Design

Knowing which materials can be used where, how to care for them over time, and their typical costs allows you to steer clients in the right direction. Learn what interior finishes you should be using and which materials to avoid:

The Interior Design Process

Every project is unique, but the general design process and approach to programming interiors can apply to a diversity of situations. Check out the general process and refine your own unique style with these ideas:

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The Art and Science of Color in Holistic Interior Design

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